A very ‘green’ initiative

We now have in-store recycling!

We take customer feedback seriously, and we have heard you loud and clear that legal cannabis packaging is hard on the environment. While we can’t do anything about how legal cannabis is packaged, we can do our part to make the process a little more eco-friendly. As an organization who supports sustainability and environmental initiatives, we are happy to announce we have introduced a recycling program at our stores.

FOUR20 has partnered with Zenabis on its recycling initiative. Zenabis believes that environmental sustainability is a key pillar in corporate social responsibility, a value that mirrors our own ideal of positive corporate citizenship.

So, how does this new system work? Simply bring your packaging back to any FOUR20 location to recycle. You can bring in any cannabis packaging, though only materials from licensed producers will be accepted. If you have any questions, we encourage you to call any FOUR20 store and they will address your concerns.

Looking for other ways to recycle?

If your community has introduced recycling programs, you can always check the symbol (plastics with the recycling symbol 1-7) on your specific packaging and recycle your products with ease from home. Not sure if your packaging is recyclable? Click here to learn about Calgary’s recycling guidelines.

Now, you can also get a little creative and upcycle your used cannabis packaging. Not familiar with upcycling? It’s simply reusing old items for new purposes! Cannabis containers can make great containers for small items, bathroom necessities (think Q-tips or cotton pads) or planters. You can easily transform the packaging to suit your personal aesthetic! We encourage you to have some fun with this and send us your creations.

We’re happy to share some ways we can alleviate the cannabis industry’s footprint. It’s a new industry, but there is a consciousness behind the sector that can make some powerful changes.

Happy recycling!