All about vape pens

After a little bit of a wait, vape pens are finally hitting the market! The Alberta government took a delayed approach to ensure the safety of these products but now are fully convinced about the legitimacy of these legal and diligently tested products.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the history of vape pens. Back in 2019, vape pens caught a bad rap and for good reason. Illegal, unregulated vendors were cutting these products with Vitamin E, various chemical and unnatural flavouring agents. This resulted in fatal and very serious health complications. The Alberta government opted to hold off on vape products until they had undergone their own private investigation to uphold their commitment to the public’s wellbeing.

One of the many benefits of the legal market is knowing you are accessing safe, regulated products. LPs must undergo rigorous product testing to allow their products to be distributed. This is why we can proudly sell vape pens, knowing they are safe for our consumers.

Regulations aside, let’s talk about the good stuff! Are you unfamiliar with vape pens? Let us introduce you to these convenient, pre-packaged concentrate pens.

What’s in them?

Vape pens contain extracted cannabinoids in an oil format called a concentrate. This concentrate has been manipulated to dial in the active cannabinoids and in some cases the flavour profiles. Because vape pens contain a concentrate, this will be much stronger than traditional flower.

You will likely see two forms of concentrate in vape pens, distillate or broad-spectrum oil.

Broad Spectrum: The extraction process preserves the integrity of the flower, which means the final product very closely resembles the flower which it was processed from, with just a few adjustments to the active cannabinoids.

Distillate: Refined cannabis oil with higher concentrations of THC and CBD. The terpene profile might be altered in the processing, but the clear, clean and potent oil will have botanical terpenes re-added to provide desirable effects and flavours.

What format do they come in?

Vape pens will either come as disposable pens or cartridges. Disposable pens are your one-stop-shop. They contain both the cartridge and battery so all you have to do is turn it on and take a pull. Each LP will calibrate the temperature settings, so you consume your product at their recommended temperature but don’t have any functionality to further adjust. You have less control over a disposable pen, but they are extremely convenient and easy to use.

Cartridges just contain the active product, not your battery, so you can attach it to your preferred battery system. Some batteries will allow you to calibrate your own temperature, which allows you to further dial in the taste profiles. Your own battery system gives you a bit more control over the product and ensures that you always have a live battery. Some LPs have proprietary cartridges, but most are a compatible with a 510 thread which makes getting your pen set-up super simple. This is a more sustainable option, as you can recharge your own battery and use it over and over again!

Can we recycle them?

Currently, only batteries can be recycled. You can recycle them just like any other batteries. We are working to find a suitable way to recycle these products and will provide further updates!

Are there only THC variants?

No! LPs will be releasing balanced 1:1 and CBD focused vape pens as well so all consumers will be satisfied. We will keep you posted when these products come online!

We’re very excited to offer this new product format as part of the 2.0 line-up. Come in and chat with one of our knowledgeable sales specialists and let us introduce you to all that vape pens have to offer.