Why we love the community of Beaumont

We’re venturing north for the first time!

Beaumont is a quaint community just outside our province’s capital of Edmonton. Our new location is right in the middle of the action here. This community-minded town is a perfect match for our organizational values and we’re already making friends in the neighbourhood. A fun fact about Beaumont, it is one of the only officially bilingual municipalities in Alberta. Here’s our rundown of places we love in Beaumont, and know you will too.

Old Montreal Hot Dogs and Poutine

French history = bomb poutine. We know we’ve got you hooked. Old Montreal Hot Dogs and Poutine is probably the number one place we were consistently recommended, and it does not disappoint. Anyone from Quebec knows it’s hard to find legit poutine that lives up to the Canadian-French classic’s true reputation – but here we are, in the heart of the prairies digging into some true poutine. Squeaky cheese curds, lush gravy, crunchy home fries—that’s Canadian comfort at its finest. Now, this is extremely important and often overlooked when people see poutine … Old Montreal Hot Dogs and Poutine serves STEAMED HOT DOGS. If you know, you know, and if you haven’t had one, you’re really missing out.


French food but with an upscale twist. When you think of classic French food, you think upscale, bougie, maybe a bit out of your comfort zone. Well, Chartier takes French classics and beautiful food and makes it approachable. The restaurant was brought to life from the help of the community through a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, and now the owners are bringing classic Quebec food to Beaumont in a cozy, rustic dining brasserie. They’re serving up locally sourced meats, fresh-baked pastries and homegrown herbs. It’s a local favourite, but now we’ve spilled the beans.

Bake My Day 

What’s a quaint town without a quintessential café? We’d be a bit concerned, but Bake My Day has us covered. This little bake shop in Beaumont is worth the stop. It has a great selection of sandwiches, soup, cookies, squares and cupcakes. It began as a custom cake business and gained traction due to their delectable treats. In the business we’re in, we definitely eat with our eyes, so Bake My Day caught our attention, but the taste comes through!


Jef’s Café 

Find us by food or coffee, always. Jef’s Café is another local favourite. As stated on their website “The idea of an independently owned coffee house, serving wholesome food and drinks with music was simply a shared dream, until Jef Gibbs’ untimely death in 2014. Jef’s Café was built in his memory…”. We love a business with heart. Not only is Jef’s serving up hearty homemade soup and sandwiches, slinging gourmet sandwiches and fair-trade coffee, there is always something going on at the café. Regular live music, and craft and games nights. You can’t help but feel like you are part of the community when you enter Jef’s Café.