Cannabis consumption & the holidays

The new kid on the block, cannabis join the ranks of food, booze and quality time with loved ones for the season’s main attractions. Cannabis is slated to take a chunk of profits from alcohol this holiday season, as it gains mainstream traction. But, while the holidays bring great cheer they also bring the risk of over-consumption and impairment.

This is our first holiday season of legalization, so we cannot stress enough the importance of safe and responsible consumption.

Little nuggets of knowledge to keep in your back pocket over the holiday season include:

  • Edibles are a great way to sneak some extra goodness in Christmas treats but remember go slow and low with edibles and NEVER give them to someone who is unsuspecting. NEVER have them present around children.
  • Consume cannabis and alcohol together in moderation. The combination of the two substances increases the effects of impairment and elicit negative effects.
  • Never operate a motor vehicle when impaired. Plain and simple. Even the most seasoned smokers can over-estimate their abilities. Cannabis has an effect on time and space perception, two crucial things when driving.
  • People may be more inclined to try cannabis now that its legal. Remember, everyone is affected by cannabis differently. What may be an ideal does or strain for you, might not be for someone else. If you are introducing anyone to the plant, you know the mantra – slow and low.
  • Remember that time is the only way to sober up. Food, coffee, water – none of these items provide a quick fix.

Health Canada also provided a comprehensive list, which you can read here.

Stay safe, have fun & enjoy the holidays!