Community Feature: Canmore

Our home in the Rockies

Who’s up next on our community feature? Just a cute little town nestled in the Rockies with an amazing spread of lively local businesses, catering to the adventure-hungry, the foodie, the craft beer lover…you name it, Canmore has it.

With the iconic Three Sisters at our doorstep, we couldn’t be happier to join the Canmore community. Not to mention our neighbours Eclipse Coffee, The Grizzly Paw Brewery and The Blake Canmore. Good eats, coffee, brews and views? You could say we’re pretty excited.

Crank some wicked tunes (shameless plug, check out the #420mixtape!) and hop in the car to head out to the mountains. The car ride to Canmore happens to be about the same, more or less, as the time it takes to drive across the city or through rush hour traffic, with way better views. So, what’s stopping you?

If strolling the streets for unique finds, tasty treats and a great cup of coffee is your thing, there’s no shortage in this town. If you’re in (and around) Canmore, these are some spots worth checking out!

For the foodies,

We highly suggest you check out Blake Canmore, the brick and mortar love-child of the folks who run PD3, the upscale food truck in a double-decker bus. Their food is innovative and delicious, taking an international approach to fusion.

The ever-popular Crazyweed, a restaurant that strives to be “a fancy, not-so-fancy Canmore dining experience that invites dinner in x-country ski gear, impromptu wine tastings, and explosions of laughter that might get a little loud”.  You can never go wrong with good food and good atmosphere.

If you’re a coffee lover like us…

You will definitely need to stop by Eclipse Coffee. Serving beans that are roasted in house & environmentally and socially responsibly sourced. You had us at coffee, the rest just sweetens the deal. Added bonus: you can peak into their production area and see the massive bags of coffee and roasting machines, making us feel like Charlie when he walks into the candy room…

If you love checking out local shops,

Mountain Mercato doubles as a café and market, serving up coffee, baked good and has an array of an ever-changing array of speciality items for entertaining, gifting, and keeping a well-stocked pantry. Groceries include Alberta organic hothouse tomatoes and other seasonal produce, baguette, dairy, charcuterie and cheese selection from far and wide.

Alberta’s Own Marketplace celebrates the talent and tenacity of its people, proudly offering a stage to showcase all that this great province is made of. The shop carries everything from housewares, art, apparel and conversation-starting knick-knacks.


 If local, craft spirits are your thing,

Our friends at Grizzly Paw Brewery just opened a gorgeous new public space in their Canmore brewery, Tank 310. The spot has gorgeous mountain views and they serve up a carefully curated menu to serve along with their craft brews. You can also buy beer to take home to enjoy for later or to share with a friend!

Another local company creating a big buzz is RAW distillery. Using RAW Alberta grains and glacier water from the Rocky Mountains, they produce adventurous, bold spirits to be proud of.

Or maybe you’re just here for the views,

Beyond the shops, you can never go wrong with the sites. Take a stroll by the river for an easy-going, lazy afternoon. Head up to Instagram-favourite, Grassi Lakes for electric green waters, or Spray Lakes for insane views. Whether you’re a novice or expert explorer, there is something to satisfy your taste for adventure.

And be sure to visit us starting July 24th in Canmore! We will be opening at 113, 712 Bow Valley Trail!