Community Feature: Northland Plaza

What you might see as the 'burbs – we see as hidden gems.

Anyone who knows the area knows it’s home to one of Calgary’s best pho spots and that alone should entice you to come check out our newest location!

In the beautiful neighbourhood of Brentwood, this location is easily accessible off Crowchild and nestled in a stacked plaza. Here are some of our favourite neighbours!

Prairie Mill Bread Co.

First off, let’s talk about bread. Simple, yes, but who doesn’t love a good loaf of homemade bread? Prairie Mill Bread Co. is making some of our favourite homemade loaves and baked goods. Perfectly dense, slightly sweet. If you’re a sandwich fan (and if you’re a FOUR20 fan, you’re likely a sandwich fan), you know that bread is crucial to optimal sandwich enjoyment. It's science. Speaking personally, this is my favourite bread in Calgary, probably my favourite bread ever, and I think you’ll be a big fan as well.

British Pantry

Biscuits, confectionaries, crisps, and the ever-popular meat pies. Everything an ex-pat or lover of British food would need. Now you might be thinking, is it really that different? The simple answer, yes. The Brits have some delicious treats; If you haven’t had a Curly Wurly, you’re sorely missing out. The quaint little shop takes you on a journey across the pond and introduces you to some truly amazing goods. Vacation for no cost at all? Sold.

Vietnamese Beef Stew Noodle House

This is the real kicker. Come visit FOUR20 Northland plaza, dabble in some delicious buds and then settle in just across the field for some of the best pho in the city. It sounds like a perfect afternoon to us.

We’ve been coming to this location for a solid 15 years now, so not only is it the great food that keeps us coming back but the wonderfully sweet owners as well.  It’s a small and unassuming location, but it packs a big punch.  The owners make everything from scratch, from the deliciously simple pho broth, the satay, the dumplings and the many other treasures on the menu. If you live in the Northwest or are simply a pho connoisseur, you definitely know this hidden gem.

We love the cozy comfort of this lived-in neighbourhood, but our neighbours are the icing on the cake for this location. Join us starting on February 11th and check out our new space in NW Calgary. Come for the bud, but don’t forget to stock up on some quality munchies while you’re here too.