Concentrates Vol. 1

The first of the concentrates hit the market a few weeks ago and we will continue to see additional product come on in the coming weeks and months! Big ups to the wonderful folks at Canna Farms for being the first LP to drop concentrates in the Alberta market!

Experienced users will likely be quite familiar with concentrates, but for many, this might be your first time seeing some of these variants. Concentrates are a wide product format and represent a variety of ways you can process the plant to get a more concentrated product - to put it in layman’s terms.  

Under the concentrates umbrella you will see different forms of hash, kief, rosin, shatter, wax, honey oil… lots of these products have varying names as well so the list goes on and on. For now, we’re going to focus on the concentrates we know we will see on the market but stay tuned for additional concentrate information! 

Current confirmed concentrates


Kief is the loose trichome heads that are collected from marijuana buds. When marijuana is ground up or shaken, these crystalline powdery particles detach. Kief is rich in the glandular parts of the plant that produce and contain THC or CBD. Kief can be smoked, vapourized or added to joints or a pipe to increase the strength of the effect. Kief must be decarboxylated with heat (or decarbed) to become active and can exceed 50 per cent potency by weight.

Bubble Hash

The trichome heads on many buds are broken free after some agitation and mechanical separation. The plant particles are collected through an ice-water extraction. This method separates the resinous, glandular parts that are rich in THC, CBD and terpenes from the rest of the plant matter using ice-water and fine filters. The water allows the denser trichomes to sink the bottom while the impurities stay on the top, separating the potent parts from those that don't have cannabinoids. The cold temperatures allow for a rich flavour to be preserved by keeping the terpenes stable during the process and making sure they stay in the final product for the consumer. The crumbly end product is powerful at a potency of 50-60 per cent THC by weight.

Dry-sift hash

Loose trichome heads that are separated away from the plant and put through increasingly fine filters. This results in a bright, clean, powdery end-product that is collected, and can be pressed. Dry sift hash can be added to dried flower or smoked in its original form. High purity dry-sift hash can also melt cleanly with heat and can be dabbed without any significant residue. The granular end product is powerful at a potency of 50-60 per cent THC by weight.

Cannabis Rosin

The resinous product that is extracted from cannabis bud using simultaneous heat and pressure. Rosin is sought after because it is a solid cannabis extract that doesn't need solvents or added chemicals. Rosin has a strong scent and is very similar in smell, taste and effect to the flower it is derived from. The translucent sappy rosin can be used in a dab rig for maximum effect and can meet or exceed a potency of 65-70 per cent THC by weight.

Important things to remember with concentrates:

  • As the name suggests, these products have a much higher potency than traditional flower. Please consume responsibly
  • Concentrates have the same onset time as flower (10-15 minutes) and traditionally have the same duration of high. This could fluctuate based on potency, amount consumed and the consumers level of experience. Keep this in mind if you are new to concentrates!

Want to know more or try some for yourself? Visit your favourite FOUR20 and let our experts be your guide.