Connecting during COVID

Ways to support your community and yourself during a period of social isolation

Isolation and social distancing can be very difficult for some. We are human, and we love to connect! Barriers aside, we want to ensure our community stays healthy and happy during this time.

Here are some simple ways you can support your community and your own well-being right now!

  1. Social distancing is your best protocol for protecting yourself and your community. 

No, social distancing will not ease the economic burden for local businesses right now, but it will reduce the cases of community transmission, which is in everyone’s best interest! This is the simplest and most beneficial way to support your community right now.

If you are able or required to leave the house, make sure you wash your hands! Keep some wipes or hand sanitizer in your car. Keep yourself and the spaces you enter clean to reduce risks for others.

  1. Connect virtually or on the phone

    Times of isolation can be difficult on your mental health. You're used to getting together with friends, or even just the connection for working in an office space. Limited interaction can definitely take a toll on well-being (some may revel in it; this is your time, introverts!) We are very lucky to live in such a connected society and digital technology is our friend right now! Pick up the phone, hop on Face Time, send texts and emails to your loved ones.

    Share some information or some great content on your social channels. We all need a little support or entertainment right now, even if it’s just to know we’re in together!

    1. Try a new hobby or cross some things off your to-do list

      What does cannabis go great with? Everything. Cleaning your house? We’ve got a strain for that. Trying a new craft project? You bet. Isolation and chill? You know it. Now is a great time to pick up that book you put down, check some things off your to-do list or try something you haven’t before. Youtube and Pinterest are great resources for information and guiding you when trying something new!

      Also, YouTube is wonderful for at-home workouts for all levels of activities if you’re looking to get moving! Additionally, lots of studios and gyms are offering online resources and classes for free right now. 

      1. Most importantly, try to keep your stress to a minimum

        Times are uncertain, but we are very lucky to live in a place that has taken quick precautionary measures to try and curb the spread of COVID-19. Take some time to reflect on your own well-being and support your personal needs. 

        Keep your spirits high and take care!