Consumer Series: Capsule love

Q&A about capsules

We want to know a bit more about what products entice you and WHY! So, we asked and you answered! We interviewed one of our customers, who wished to remain anonymous, to give an honest consumer review about what products they are into.

The inaugural edition is centred all around capsules. Capsules are essentially edibles sans the calories. These little beauties are highly underrated, so it was great to hear about a customer’s love affair with them. Here’s their honest, unadulterated opinion.

Question: What sparked your interest in capsules?

A: I used to smoke a lot, but as I got a bit older I kind of shied away from cannabis altogether because I found the effects to be too strong, but it still held a dear place in my heart. Once legalization rolled around, I was super excited to try something that was lower in THC and I could kind of control the effects a bit better, but I didn’t really want to smoke anything. I definitely appreciate the novelty of trying new things. A sales representative and a colleague suggested capsules and so far, I’m loving it.

Question: Any favourite product recommendations?

A: My favourites right now are the Tweed Argyle and the Alta Vie Harmonic capsules. Both are a very small dose, which is perfect for me. They also have CBD in them which I really like. I’m a penny pincher and these guys are totally affordable, so they kind of tick all the boxes.

Question: Do you have a specific regimen with capsules?

A: Not really. It’s based on my mood, sleep cycle or what activities I’m doing that day, so it’s kind of all over the place. I started taking Indica microdoses to help me sleep, but then I started loving the mellow effects and how they helped me unwind after a long day. I now fairly religiously take them once I’m done all my pressing tasks for the evening and I’m settling in to relax. My night-cap has almost completely been replaced. I also take a balanced capsule before a workout to kind of get me in the zone, especially when I’m doing cardio.

What would you say to someone to encourage them to try capsules?

A: They are so convenient! There’s no guesswork and I can anticipate the experience, instead of wondering what the effect will be. There always seems to be a selection of capsules too. I kind of feel like I’ve beaten the system hearing everyone else complain about shortages on dried flower.

Disclaimer: The opinions shared do not represent the opinions of FOUR20 as an organization. FOUR20 does not endorse any medical opinions on products. Always consult a medical professional.