Controlling your high

Peppercorns: An unlikely ally

Oops, you consumed too much? Now what? Contrary to popular belief, you can control your high to some extent. There are ways to navigate your high to maximize or mitigate the effects, depending on your desired experience.

The science

If the psychoactive properties of cannabis are too extreme for you, one way to mellow yourself out is peppercorns. Seems a bit strange, but there’s a scientific explanation for this.

First, it’s important to note that CBD will help fill your bodies receptors in a way that will not cause a high and will lower the efficacy of THC. This means that CBD can effectively reduce your high, BUT it may take up to an hour. For a faster onset, you need to find a substance that can mimic the behaviour of CBD in the body. That can seem a bit daunting… but when you break it down, the reasoning can be traced to terpenes. The terpene beta-Caryophyllene can act like CBD in your endocannabinoid system. This means it has a strong affinity for CB2 (like CBD) and a weaker affinity for CB1, where it competes with THC. It fights THC for spots in your brain and could pull you out of a bad high.

The saviour

The peppercorns in your kitchen cabinet or on your dinner table are loaded with beta-caryophyllene, so get munching! Seems a bit counterintuitive if you’re already feeling a bit off-kilter, but trust us, it will save you greater discomfort and unease in the future if you’ve indulged beyond your comfort zone.

Additional tips

  • Stay calm. We reccommend doing an activity that keeps both the mind and body active, ie. yoga, cooking, reading (even if you read the same line 10x over), a hot shower. Keeping your mind busy helps to calm you and can help to counteract negative feelings.
  • Go to sleep! Being in bed is A) cozy and safe and B) standing can enhance negative feelings or sensations
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Know it will pass.
  • Avoid alcohol! We cannot stress this one enough. Alcohol can proliferate the effects of cannabis, so if your feeling the effects a bit more than you’d like, absolutley stay away from booze.

Additionally, before you consume, you should always consider the potency of your strain and its makeup. The golden rule “low and slow” always reigns supreme. Look for strains that are lower in THC or higher in CBD, balanced strains, and strains that are low in the terpene myrcene.

For a full breakdown of the science behind peppercorns and minimizing your high, you can read the full article from our Medical Director, Dr. Ife Abiola in the latest edition of 420 Lit. Available in all Four20 Premium Market locations for free!