Four20 Christmas Gift Guide

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And this Christmas, there are some exciting new ways to gift. From flower to accessories, there’s something for everyone. Our gift guide outlines a couple of our favourites to excite any level of cannabis consumer.


A vaporizer is a great way to spoil a loved one. We carry a variety, ranging in features and price, to ensure there is something for every level of need. Our product specialist has gone above and beyond to ensure top quality regardless of price. Some of our top picks, listed clockwise from the bottom left, Include the Utillian 420, Quant Vapor and the Greco Science G-Pen Pro.

Handmade porcelain pipes 

Stonedware geo pipes are 22 karat gold edged. Geopipes are porcelain and hand cast. Each GeoPipe has a combination of glazed and unglazed faceted sides. Interiors and bowls are glazed for easy cleaning. Geopipes provide a smoking experience that not only feels great in your hand but also looks chic in your home. A combination of high-end modern design and detailed craftsmanship make each GeoPipe one of a kind. Handmade in Oregon.

For the experience lovers

For those that love taking care of their goods, to ensure the longevity of products and a quality sesh, we’ve got you covered. The higher standards cleaning kit has all the essentials to keep glassware in tip-top shape. Nothing ruins a good time like a lump of res (Even worse than a lump of coal, if we do say so ourselves).

Boveda packs are your best friend when it comes to ensure your flower is fresh and sticky. Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control continually responds to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment. Those who truly respect their product will be super excited to get one of these tiny superheroes!

Stocking Stuffers

Four20 rolling papers, lighters, grinders  are a great way to top up the stockings or make a small gift bag to show someone you’re thinking of them. A quick way to be the “high”-light of the party.

…And for the indecisive or inquisitive

You can never go wrong with a gift card. Available in any denomination. Give a little or a lot and let them explore all the options FOUR20 has to offer!