Gifts for the canna-curious

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s been interested in cannabis but not quite sure how to dip their toes in? We have some easy gifts for the canna-curious to make sure they have a comfortable experience.  


Solei Free CBD

The easiest introduction to cannabis is through CBD. It has a multitude of applications and has exploded due to its overall benefits for mind and body. Solei Free is not only an economical way to explore the cannabis realm, but it’s a tried and true staff favourite. We love hearing stories of how CBD has improved our consumers overall wellbeing, and we wouldn’t put it on the list if we were not fully behind it!

Color Mango Haze

This uplifting 2:1 strain features a higher level of CBD and just a hint of THC, so you can be sure that the canna-curious won’t be overwhelmed. Introducing flower to the canna-curious is a great option, as the onset period is quicker, and the duration of the high is shorter, which can help ease any nerves or concerns and also help control their overall high. Low and slow!

Aurora Cannatonic

This flower is pure CBD and less than one percent THC in most batches. It smokes smooth and easy and doesn’t induce any psychoactive feelings but brings on a very pleasant sense of wellbeing. Just like CBD oil but the onset is quicker, and you get the lovely taste profiles associated with flower.


Marley taster and Holder


This beautiful one-hitter is perfect for those who aren’t smoking large quantities. Its sleek design and convenient holder make it a great duo for travelling, or just a statement conversation piece. 

*Only available at Stephen Avenue 

Grenco Vapourizer

For those who are new to cannabis, traditional smoking methods might not be their bread and butter. A vapourizer is a safe and smooth way to consumer cannabis but it also helps bring out the specific flavour profiles of each strain. The Grenco comes in a pen-like design so it’s supremely discreet and comes in a at great price point so you don’t have to break the bank. It’s a great introductory vape for those who want to learn a little more about the different methods of cannabis consumption.

Crystal pipes

The name says it all, beautiful pipes made of crystal. Aesthetically speaking, this piece is an easy sell because they’re just pretty. We’re speaking to your vanity a bit here. But, for those who are spiritually inclined as well, we stock these in four different stones: rhondonite, rose quartz, amethyst and cotton candy quartz, so you can tailor your gift exactly to the recipient. That thoughtfulness makes this gift a real winner.


While these are some of our favourites for the canna-curious, head to your favourite FOUR20 and our sales specialists can additional tailored gifts for you loved ones!