How can cannabis elevate your special day?

Weed Weddings

After being part of this past weekend’s inaugural Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo, we wanted to share some fun ways cannabis can be included in your special day. We were extremely happy to be part of this event as it was the first of its kind in Canada. After attending, we can see the longevity of weed and weddings.

The excitement wasn’t just limited to a female demographic, the wedding expo drew a large number of males as well. Gender roles were non-existent as happy couples were over the moon to gain insight about cannabis and their special day. The vibe was high, and everyone was excited about new opportunities to make their special day have an extra personal touch – something that embodies their personality and interests.

When you think about cannabis and weddings, the mind goes immediately to infused food or bud bars. And while we love these ideas, there are ways to incorporate cannabis into your wedding without actual consumption.

Some of our favourite ways to incorporate cannabis into your special day include:

Cannabis flower for decor

If you’re growing a plant at home, or have access to some fresh cannabis, the flower can make a great addition to bridal bouquets, tables settings and boutonnieres. Plus, you get subtle little whiffs of cannabis, which perks you up and piques the interest! The addition of flower to decoration adds a laid-back, rustic appeal to your décor,  yet pairs amazingly well with traditional florals! Definitely, a surprising, yet elegant way to integrate some extra green!



An ever-important element for anyone who cares about the overall aesthetic of their wedding! You might want to incorporate cannabis, but let’s face it, current cannabis marketing is pretty drab due to regulations. In order to ensure your bud bar,  consumption cards or even table cards align with your vision, Whyte Wolf has you covered. Their beautiful displays ensure guests are informed about any cannabis products, with a design that represents you.

Party favours

You can really get creative here! You want to get your bridal party something to commemorate your day, but you also want it to be something practical. Smoking devices, such as pipes, vapourizers or one-hoots can be a perfect gift. We particularly like items that could be engraved, we’re thinking the Silverstick or Genius Pipe. For the bridesmaids, one of our favourite statement pieces is the Stonedware Geopipes. They are a stunning piece, perfectly elegant and timeless.

For your guests, party favours may include a pre-roll so they can keep the party going, or an eco-friendly Dewbie, so your guests can keep their weed as fresh as your love.

But if you want to ensure even those who don’t consume cannabis can enjoy their parting present, Tasty Buds are a fun “ode” to cannabis, yet they contain no cannabis products. The mint cookie flavour is our favourite!

Are you thinking of including cannabis in your special day, we’re here to help! Any of our in-store will happily assist in finding products that best suit you and your celebration. We can’t wait to see you guys get creative with this!