How to get the most out of your flower

Don’t limit your choices based on THC content!

One of our most highly requested products is high THC dried flower (18-25%). These potent strains have intensely relaxing or uplifting effects, but the same can be said about mid-range (12-18%) cannabis strains –  you just have to know a couple of tips. And there are so many beautiful mid-range products! Don’t limit yourself based on THC content, just know how to maximize your sessions.

Now, you can achieve the “euphoric” high off of a very small amount (5mg to be exact), but some people crave a high with much more intensity than mild euphoria. That being said, strains that are very high in THC can sometimes prompt the “negative” effects of THC to become more prominent. This is deemed a “paradoxical” effect, as it creates the exact opposite of your initial desired experience.

Mid-range THC products hit that sweet spot. They elicit pleasant euphoria without any of the negatives. There are also ways to enhance the effects of your product by simply switching up your method of consumption. We’re about to get a bit nerdy but nerdy in the best way possible.

Terpene profile

THC is the main driver of potency, but another major factor is the strains terpene profiles. You’ve probably heard a lot about terpenes by now as we learn more about cannabis science and the factors that can enhance a strains potency, smell and taste.

Certain terpenes, specifically myrcene and limonene can enhance the effects of THC in the body. Myrcene makes the blood-brain barrier more permeable to cannabis, or in other words, enhances your experience by allowing for greater saturation of the CB1 receptors. Limonene can aid in the absorption of other terpenes, accentuating the profiles of other terpenes. These two are a great combo when you are looking to enhance the psychoactive properties of your strain, and they are both quite common terpenes.


To get the most out of your dried flower, a vapourizer is the best way to do this. There are two standout reasons for this.

1: When you smoke a joint, you only inhale ¼ of the THC.

We’re going to do some myth-busting here too. PSA: Holding in your hoots will NOT make you higher. It actually just enhances your chances of injuring your lungs. So, yes, absolutely inhale, but you do not need to hold it in to feel the effects more. But let’s go back to smoking. So, you only inhale ¼ of the THC when smoking from a pipe or joint, and of that, only 2-50% is bioavailable – meaning able to have an active effect on the body. Bottom line, smoking joints is a highly inefficient method of consuming cannabis.

2: You can use much less product when vapourizing and the effects will be more prominent.

Not only will you feel more prolific effects, but you’re also using less and saving money?! Now, smoking a joint is like a right of passage. It’s traditional, habitual and communal. This can be hard to steer away from. But, if you’re truly looking to get the most out of your product, investing in a vapourizer is totally worth. The yield of THC, or active ingredients, when you vape is a staggering 89%. So, you will definitely feel the effects of mid-range THC better when you vape.

Additionally, a vapourizer enables you to control the temperature. This controlled temperature allows the terpene profile to be much more pronounced, as terpenes can be highly volatile. This means not only is their more THC available, but the unique taste of strain will be prominent as well.

We did a little cost comparison to show you how much you’ll save with a vapourizer.

With vapourizing, you use less product. So, our calculations are based on an average priced gram, which runs around $10.50. Our hypothetical smoker consumes 5x per week.

An average joint is about .5 of a gram, so 5x per week at $5.25/joint is $26.25 in product cost. Biggest takeaway: Smoking a joint is about $5.25 per session.

Now with vapourizing, the “rule of 8” typically applies.  Meaning, you can get about 8 sessions out of one gram. So, for the same smoker (5x per week), at the same cost of weed, that’s $1.50 per session. Meaning for the same 5 sessions per week, you’re saving a whopping $20.25.

Over the course of a year, simply from vaping, your saving $1053. That’s no small feat. That’s 73 months of Netflix subscriptions, 5 kegs, or a well-priced trip to Mexico.

Is your mind blown yet? If not, let’s apply this to the price you pay for a vapourizer. If you get a lower cost (cheap and cheerful as we prefer) vapourizer, the money you save by vaping will have that vape paid off in just over three weeks.

If you go for a premium vape, that same vape will be paid off in about 11 weeks.

You’re able to feel the effects more prominently, saving more money and using less product?! We’d say a vapourizer is definitely worth the investment. So, try some mid-range THC product, throw it in your vape and reap ALL the benefits.