Legalization 101: It’s legal, but there’s still laws

What do you need to know post October 17th

Cannabis legalization happens in a couple of days—October 17th, so we wanted to give you a quick cheat sheet to make sure you understand the changing legislation and are 100 per cent prepared for this much anticipated historical shift!

Calgary regulations:

  • Public consumption is not allowed. Consumption is limited to private property. Please check with your condo board or landlord to see what rules apply to you.
  • Medical cannabis users are exempt from public consumption bans, though you must be able to produce your medical card if questioned.
  • There are NO legal or licensed cannabis cafes in Calgary. Additionally, you cannot currently consume any products in cannabis retail locations.
  • Cannabis retail locations are will only be granted approval if they meet the following separation guidelines:

                  Not adjacent to liquor stores

                  10M from child care services

                  300M from cannabis stores

                  150M from schools – including private schools & emergency shelters

                  100m from school reserve and school reserve parcels

Provincial (Alberta) regulations:

  • You can possess and purchase a maximum of 30g. Carrying an excess of this amount may result in fines or criminal charges.
  • When transporting cannabis from the area of purchase, it must be out of reach from the driver and secured in closed packaging.
  • You can only purchase cannabis if you are 18+
  • Kids cannot enter cannabis retailers, even with an adult
  • Youth who possess more than 5g of cannabis are still subject to criminal charges
  • NO medical advice can be given in a cannabis retail location, even if you present your medical card. This is an AGLC regulation. Those looking to treat medical conditions are always advised to visit a medical cannabis resource centre, such as 420 Clinic.
  • Workplace impairment policies will vary. Certain industries may have a strict no-use policy, while others may be more flexible. It’s important to understand the guidelines laid out by your place of employment.

Federal regulations:

  • Driving while under the influence of cannabis is illegal and will result in disciplinary measures (fines or jail time)
  • Less than 2 nanograms (ng) but less than 5 ng of THC per millilitre (ml) of blood will result in a maximum $1000 fine. 5 ng of more can result in a mandatory $1000 fine as well as jail time, depending on first, second or subsequent offences.
  • You CANNOT cross the border with any cannabis or associated product, even if you are a medical user. Additionally, when crossing the border, never lie. If you are worried about entry into another country, you may retract your application.
  • You can grow up to four plants per household
  • No edibles, shatter, wax, hash. Etc. This will be built into Bill C-46, which the government hopes to have in place approximately one year after legalization. You can, however, make your own edibles at home.
  • Giving or selling cannabis to anyone under the age of 18 can result in fines, criminal charges or jail time.
  • No promotion, packaging or labelling of cannabis that could be considered appealing to young people and ensuring that important product information is clearly presented to consumers.
  • Restrictions on cannabis advertising and packaging will generally mirror what is in place today for tobacco. Advertising will be restricted to locations where there are no minors, and there will be limits on displays and in-store promotion.