#LoveYYC: all the reasons we love Calgary

So many things to love…

Today is #LoveYYC Day in Calgary, a day to celebrate all the reasons to love this city (and there are a lot of reasons). Our company started in Calgary in 2013, and we are proud to be headquartered in Calgary and have opened our first store in the city as well (9737 Macleod Trail SW). While we have plans to open stores across Alberta, Calgary will always remain close to our heart and a big part of all we do.

One of the reasons we love YYC is the community and collaborative spirit here. We have collaborated with two amazing local companies so far: Milk Jar Candle Co, to create Four20 cannabis flower candles, and Local Laundry, who designed us a custom community crewneck sweater that we absolutely love. While these were limited edition collaborations, we can’t wait to team up with more amazing Calgary makers in the future!

One of the other reasons to love YYC, is the amazing art and culture scene. We recently unveiled a community public art piece in Kensington, that we commissioned with Daniel Kirk of Blank Page Studio, a local art collective and studio based right out of Kensington. After an introduction to Daniel and his studio from Kensington BRZ, we were able to bring this project to life. The public piece, “Dale the horse”, is an interactive art installation that charges phones through bike pedal power. We’re thrilled to have small hand in bringing this to the infamous corner of Memorial Drive and 10 Street NW.

What some of the Four20 team loves about YYC:

We wanted to ask our staff why they love Calgary too, and we definitely agree with their answers:

  • “What I love about Calgary are the Chinooks!” — Adam S.
  • “For being such a large city, Calgary has such a strong sense of community. I am proud to call this my home!” — Chelsea T.
  • “I love the opportunity of being able to enjoy some beautiful nature in Calgary. So many great parks, rivers and a short drive from the mountains.” — Celine G.
  • “Calgary has a real entrepreneurial spirit that has always been a attribute for this city.” — Raji G.
  • “Taking the family to visit the zoo and learn about the new animals they have.” — Matthew C.
  • “I love that Calgary is a huge city, with a small town feel to it.” — Kolter G.
  • “I love the view of the mountains.” — Josh S.
  • “I love that Calgary has a small town feel, even though it’s a city. Most Calgarians are friendly people always willing to help a neighbour!” — Lise W.
  • “I love all of the art you can find around the city.” — Anika L.
  • “I love the dusk and dawn and cityscape.” — Alison J.
  • “On the CTrain, between Bridgeland Memorial and City Hall station, there is a fantastic view of the river from the bridge.” — Kyla G.
  • “I love all of the paths and how close we are to nature, even though we’re a big city!” — Chelsea C.
  • “Fish Creek park is gorgeous just before sunset, no matter the season, it’s ethereal going for walks there.”  — Dante P.

You can share all the reasons you love Calgary today too, using #LoveYYC on social media.