Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The legal cannabis market has drawn a wide demographic of users, mamas included! This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with an ode to a different kind of flower. We have a variety of presents to suit all levels of consumers, beginners to novices alike.

Here are some of our favourite accessories to bring a smile to your favourite lady’s face!

Quant Vapourizer for the discreet mamas

This beautiful vapourizer not only looks good but performs great as well. Vapourizing helps maximize your product and allows you to use less. It also enhances the terpene profiles of the flower and reduces the benzopyrene typically present when smoking through traditional methods. Vapourizers are super easy to use, so no worries about a mom/tech barrier here.

Vapourizing is great for both beginners and novice users alike. For those who prefer to be a little more discreet with their cannabis use, a vapourizer is a must.

Dewbie for the eco-friendly, local loving mamas

The Dewbie is one of our favourite products to ensure your dried flower sits at optimal humidity. This locally made, all natural product quickly rehydrates your products and can be used over and over and over again. The website actually states the Dewbie, if properly taken care of, will last 1000+ years – a claim not many products have in our modern society!

For the Mom’s who love quality, love preserving the longevity of their goods, and love a product that’s proudly local – the Dewbie is a great gift.

Puk pipes – for the Mom who loves options

The Puk pipe is a great all-in-one accessory for those who just can’t pick a favourite. The Puk Pipe can hold up to SIX different strains, so you have the perfect strain whenever you need.  Not only that, they come in a variety of colours and styles to match your Mom’s unique personality!

Stonedware – for the mamas who love a little extra

One of our favourites for any occasion, but especially for showing someone some special love.  This stunning piece exudes thoughtfulness, in its beautifully designed shape and carefully handcrafted ergonomic design.

Higher standards cleaning kit – for the Moms who take the best care

An all-in-one kit to ensure your accessories remain sparkling clean. For the Mama who loves her cannabis and accessories equally. She knows the value a little hard-work brings long-term, and we love her for it.

For consumable cannabis recommendations, we suggest heading to one of our four locations to ensure everything is tailored to your Mom’s exact needs!