New Products 10/03

We are loving the range and quality of new products we've had coming in recently and we wanted to get you just as excited as we are! Each week we'll be giving you a rundown of the new and notable products hitting the shelves. This week, we’ve got a great mix of high-THC, mid-range, balanced and CBD products hitting the shelves, so we know there are some goodies you’ll love.  

Whistler SSC// High-THC Sativa

Whistler Cannabis Company believes in organic growing, hand-crafted flowers, and good old-fashioned farming (with all the perks of modern science and technology). They were Canada’s first certified organic grower and the only grower to maintain that status for five years and counting. They are have producing some of Canada’s most acclaimed bud through their growing practices, so we're very excited to see them hit the market!

What to expect: The SSC (Strawberry Short Cookies) has minty-green flowers, peach-hued pistils and sweet, strawberry scent. This sativa-dominant, high-THC hybrid owes its origins to the flavourful Sinmint Cookies and White Strawberry strains. This strain delivers a lip-smackingly delicious taste profile (think sweet and fruity) and an extremely uplifting and giggly high. Feel the day literally lift off your shoulders. Terpenes: Limonene 23%, Caryophyllene 10%, Humulene 7%.

Emerald Time Warp//Mid-range Hybrid

Emerald Health Therapeutics was founded by scientists and healthcare professionals. They’re focused on harnessing the complexity of the endocannabinoid system and the cannabis plant to create better-controlled outcomes for everyone.

What to expect: Time Warp is Canadian-grown dried cannabis with delicate aromas of citrus and pine, reminiscent of the lush forests of Western Canada where the strain originated. This low to mid-range THC strain is mild but has a powerful relaxation quality. Perfect for a light buzz and maximum chilling. Myrcene 34%, Caryophyllene 26%, Alpha/Beta Pinene 10%

Vertical Babba Erkle// 1:1 IndicaDominant

Vertical states “As our name implies, Vertical is all about the ascent – the personal experience we as individuals strive for in a new world”.

What to expect: A balanced strain with a piney, herbal aroma and moderate THC levels. Babba Erkle is crossed from the Girl Scout Cookies strain. Vertical’s strain, Babba Erkel’s Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with a floral and lemongrass aroma. Terpenes: Alpha/Beta Pinene 52%, Nerolidol 15%, Myrcene 7%

Tantalus Sky Pilot Pre-Roll// High-THC Indica Dominant

Tantalus Labs is harnessing the power of the sun and using only clean, natural inputs – capturing rainwater for irrigation, and circulating fresh BC air – all to create optimal growing conditions in the most natural way possible. Their truly BC cultivars are Sungrown in an environmentally controlled greenhouse, engineered specifically for cannabis.

What to expect: Sky Pilot is a sweet and pungent indica-dominant cultivar selected exclusively by Tantalus Labs from a Blue Dream cross. Aptly named after Sky Pilot Mountain, a prominent peak in the Tantalus Mountain Range, this high THC strain features larger than average trichomes giving it an ultra-frosted appearance. Green and purple in colour, with a scent of blueberry and hints of spice and pine, this unique BC bud was grown with clean, natural inputs.

CANACA Great North CBD// Hybrid

Canaca’s plants are sourced in British Columbia and expertly cultivated in Ontario for homegrown, down-to-earth quality that’s enjoyed across Canada.

What to expect: We love a good CBD flower. It provides quick relief of whatever ails you without any psychoactive properties. This hybrid cannabis variety is high in CBD, with very low THC and has an earthy, woody pine aroma. The buds are large, dense, and pungent. Terpenes: Alpha/Beta Pinene 42%, Guaiol 15%, Caryophyllene 14%

Let us know your favourite strains and what you think of the new products by leaving a review on our online menu!