New and Notable 12/06

It's been a while but we've got some great new strains and brands coming online this week! You may have already seen them hit the stores, but here's some additional information about our new tasty treats. 

Grasslands // Indica and Sativa

Grasslands is the new value brand from Sundial. It’s simply available as Sativa, Indica and Hybrid, with no strain names or genetics so the choice is about as simple as it gets. This is their black-market buster, touting a-ma-zing prices. But let’s be clear, the strains are still premium. We were able to tour their facility back in September and everything they are cultivating is primo and grown by an unbelievably knowledgeable team. The best part about these strains is they will be a rotating “tap”, with strains constantly shifting, so you will pleasantly surprised with a new sensory experience when you light up with Grasslands. Expect the same tasty bright terpene profiles you know and love from Sundial!

The first lot has shipped at 16-17% THC, though the range will normally sit at 12-17%, which is a great mid-range strain for the price!

Haven St. Sapphire Daze Pre-Roll // Indica

Available as a single 0.5 gram pre-roll, or a pack of five because we think you are really going to love this one.

Haven St. No. 407 Sapphire Daze contains a high potency of THC, and may present a powerful sweet citrus and fresh black pepper aroma. These medium-sized buds are bright green with brown hair and a shimmering coating of trichomes. While this is an indica dominant strain, it’s great for increasing focus or a games night with friends. Prepare to get blissfully lost in a never-ending game of Monopoly. Terpenes: Myrcene 30%, Limonene 25%, Caryophyllene 15%

Keep your eyes peeled for more great strains every week! May your trees be frosty and white.