New Products 09/12

We are loving the range and quality of new products we've had coming in recently and we wanted to get you just as excited as we are! Each week we'll be giving you a rundown of the new and notable products hitting the shelves. This past week, we’ve seen the female-focused line Irisa hit shelves, sustainably-driven 48North and KKE, a premium cannabis line backed by Wiz Khalifa enter the market. Here are a few reasons why we love them.


Irisa is bringing females to the table. We know the female presence in cannabis culture is strong, but sometimes the representation in the industry leans a bit masculine. Irisa has an objective to amplify the female voice in the cannabis space and empower one another by celebrating diversity, inclusion and knowledge.

What to expect: Controlled doses and discrete dosing, customized for the different phases of the day - revel with Earth, unwind with Moon, excite with Stars and recharge with Sun. The doses are a bit lower than you traditionally see, which makes the oils a great introduction to cannabis, or ideal for tailoring to specific activities. Irisa uses full-spectrum CBD, which is present in each of the oil blends to ensure you reap the most reward through the ever-important entourage effect. Bonus: They will be launching massage oils as soon as topicals come onto the market!

KKE Sensi Star Oil

KKE oils are extracted from the much loved 7acres strains and led by one of cannabis’ most recognizable icons, Wiz Khalifa. Wiz has gained notoriety in the American cannabis scene with his Khalifa Kush brand and signature OG Kush strain (aptly titled “Khalifa Kush) and is bringing that expertise to Canada with the acclaimed SUPREME/7acres team.

What to expect:

Slated as “loud and intense”, the high THC oil is extracted using a multi-phase CO2 extraction, allowing the whole terpene profile to shine. Terpene profile includes Alpha-Humulene, Beta-Myrcene, Linalool, p-Cymene. Expect the same effects and lemony, pepper profile as 7acres Sensi Star strain, combined with the precise dosing and extended effects of cannabis oil.

48North Grand Daddy Purp pre-rolls

48North is committed to delivering high-quality, organic sun-grown cannabis.  Enough said. Their also making waves in the industry as one of the only major cannabis companies to be headed by a female. Now that shouldn’t be news, but alas, the cannabis industry is still largely male-dominated. Their progressive stance to growing and operating has put 48North on our radar for all the right reasons.

What to expect:

The Grand Daddy Purp pre-rolls come in a 0.35-gram slim variant, though they still very much hit the spot at 18% and evoking strong Indica effects – relaxed, chill and giggly. The pre-rolls, which are grown sustainably and rolled with eco-friendly materials, are also packaged in fully recyclable materials! Not only are they killing the game on the sustainable piece, which is enticing enough on its own to support 48North, but their strains also do not disappoint. known for its slightly purple buds, Granddaddy Purple will relax you with its sweet fruity flavour.


Keep your eyes out for these products - They are moving fast, but definitely worth hunting down. Keep exploring, FOUR20 Fam!