Optimizing your vaporizer

Why vape?

Using a vaporizer for cannabis consumption provides an appealing alternative to smoking, which is enticing a growing crowd. The parameters of vaporizing are similar to smoking – faster onset, shorter impairment period, but benzopyrene is absent. Benzopyrene is a by-product of combustion. Because of the controlled temperature, vaporizing doesn’t combust your product, rather heats the cannabinoids to the point of vaporization. Additionally, the controlled heat of your vaporizer can enhance the flavour and terpene profiles, while allowing you to use less product. Sounds pretty great right?

Many are new to vaping or unfamiliar with all the benefits that vaping can provide. Our guide is aimed to help new vapers and OG’s alike get the most out of your sessions.

While vaporizers range in price and features, they all seek to generally do the same thing. So, while we speak in generalizations, these rules should apply to any vape sesh. It’s important to note that there will likely be customizations based on your unique vaporizer. It seems redundant to say, but you should always read the instruction manual for your vaporizer for the best results! Many people tend to blame the vaporizer, but quality vaporizers are highly efficient machines! Unfortunatley, human error accounts for a large majority of vaping errors.

Key tips to optimize your session:

Check the charge on your vaporizer

Sessions are limited by the vapes charge, just like your cellphone.  The sessions per battery charge will vary based on your individual model, the temperature used, and overall care and handling of the device. Before you get going – always make sure you read the manual as they will give you exact battery instructions.

Mind the grind

Make sure your product is approximatley medium grind. The perfect way to achieve this – your grinder! Your product shouldn’t be too fine, as you may that it comes through the mouthpiece.

Know your load

Don’t overload or underload your vaporizer. Putting too much product in and packing it too tight won’t allow air circulation around the product, inhibiting it from vaporization. If you put in too little product, you may not see any vapour at all. For most portable vaporizers, between 0.2-0.3 grams of ground product will achieve desired results. Fill your chamber with the recommended amount and LIGHTLY pack it with a packing tool or the tip of your finger.


Your vaporizer is just like a little oven. You need to let it get up to temperature to yield the best results. The same can be said in between hoots, you should allow the vaporizer to come back up to temp in between each pull. Conduction units tend to heat up faster than convection units. Remember to allow your device to fully reach your desired temperature before puffing.

Optimize Temperature

Vapourizers will come with several preset temps or allow you to increase the temperature manually.  Set  your vaporizer, at the very least, at the minimum temperature needed to for the chemical conversion to occur. We suggest 375 degrees F or 190 degrees C and experiment with increasing the temperature from there. Lower temperatures will yield low vapour.  Higher temperatures will lead to a bigger pull, they will also deplete your product faster. Terpene profiles are more prominent at lower to mid temperatures, as terpenoids are highly volatile.

Also, remember that you should be able to get more than one session out of the product by simply increasing the temperature between each subsequent session. You will know the product is spent when you no longer see vapour when exhaling. With conduction units, giving the product a stir between sessions should increase the quantity of vapour.

Keep it clean

Just like your pipe, your vaporizer can get gunked up. As the delicious, sticky trichomes melt and vaporize, they of course leave residue.  Clean the residue regularly to ensure your vaporizer is working to the best of its ability. For best results, keep screens and mouthpiece clean. Isopropyl alcohol works well for quick and efficient cleaning.