Our top uses for Cannabis Oils

Our favourite ways to incorporate oil into our daily routine.

Get to know this hard-working cannabinoid extraction. There are so many ways you can incorporate cannabis oil into your routine. Here are some of our favourites!

The way it was intended

Oils are just like edibles, processed slower with longer lasting effects. Discreet, concise dosing means this is bar-none one of the simplest ways to consume cannabis.

As a massage oil

Massage therapists and patients alike are touting the benefits of infused massage therapy, saying it’s been a great addition to their massage regime, providing patients better relief from aches, pains and reducing inflammation. While the services are not yet legally available in Canada yet, we are patiently awaiting their arrival! Check out our infused massage oil recipe here.

Make your own edibles

Simply add the dose of your choosing to any food product! The easiest way to incorporate oils into your cooking is through the sauce component of your dish (think cheese sauce, salad dressings, butter, mayo, etc.) Get creative! 

Curate a better bath experience

Bath lovers are already an easy sell for anything that might elevate their bath experience (I speak from experience). Non-bath-lovers, this might be the way to entice you into the best self-care ritual you’ve been missing out on. The efficacy of infused bath salts/bombs is actually of great debate here in our office. With topicals, you need carrier oils so the cannabinoids fully absorb, though they sometimes aren’t present in infused bath products. Also, since cannabinoids can easily dilute in the tub, how much product is does your body actually absorb? That being said, infused bath bombs are flying off the shelves with the self-care seeking crowds, so we wanted to share a quick and easy recipe with you! While more testing is needed, having a bath in the name of science is certainly not a terrible thing to do.

As part of your nighttime routine

Some might have a glass of wine to wind down after a long day or some tea before bed. Adding a bit of cannabis before bed has helped me chill out, sleep better and achieve a deeper sleep throughout the night. Try incorporating a cannabis oil into your nighttime routine and you might just find early mornings a bit friendlier. One of our favourite nighttime oils is Aurora’s 1:1 Indica drops.

As an addition to your skincare routine

We have seen cannabis oil popping up in tons of our favourite brands down in the States, but since topical aren’t yet legal here in Canada, we’ve got to get a little crafty. CBD has multiple benefits for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, making this efficient multi-tasker an excellent addition to your beauty cabinet. The compound is rich in beauty-boosting fatty acids and can help soothe eczema and psoriasis, smooth fine lines and provide anti-aging benefits while improving barrier function, hydration and minimizing moisture loss. It’s even said to help with acne due to CBD’s potentially anti-microbial qualities.

My favourite way to incorporate oil into my beauty routine is by adding a drop to my serum or moisturizer (add to your serum if using both so the product is fully absorbed) and voila! Trendy skincare that YOU made.

How do you like to incorporate cannabis oils into your routine? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your creative ideas!