Protecting your cannabis from light and humidity

With the temperatures a little warmer, everything’s getting a bit stickier. Well, except one thing. Hot temperatures can be a quick route to disaster if you are improperly storing your bud. Cannabis keeps best when stored in a cool, dry place, ideally in opaque or a glass container. Shielding cannabis from heat and light can do wonders for keeping your bud pristine.

While certain strains thrive in hot humid climates, specifically in regards to growing, that methodology doesn’t transfer over to storing dried cannabis. Excessive heat can destroy precious cannabinoids and terpenes that make your bud so special. Terpenes are highly volatile and can easily degrade if you expose them too much heat and light.

Additionally, mould and mildew thrive in temperatures between 25 degrees celcius to 30 degrees celcius, which is why cannabis can go a long way if stored properly, in a cool dark area.  On the humidity side, maintaining an appropriate humidity level for your cannabis keeps it from getting dry, but also further protects your cannabis from mould, mildew and contaminants.

You can absolutely keep your cannabis in the government packaging it came in, but many prefer a couple of extra accouterments to ensure their cannabis is properly kept.

So, what are our favourite products for ensuring just the right humidity?


These inexpensive, yet incredibly efficient, two-way humidity packs are a must for any canna-connoisseur. Patent two-way 62 per cent humidity control work in air-tight storage containers to ensure your cannabis is kept at optimal humidity. If your bud is dry - this is your saviour (in combination with a dewbie).  If your cannabis has gotten too humid - this will help with that too.

FOUR20 Stash Jars

Our signature storage jars are thick-walled, conveniently sized and have an air-tight seal – all at an affordable price. They are a great option for storage and keeping your bud fresh, but remember to keep them in a dark place!


For the canna-connoisseurs, this is a great option. An air-tight seal and stainless steel ensure your cannabis is always kept in optimal light and humidity conditions. Not to mention, this accessory is very durable, so it makes a great travel companion.

Absent stash bags

To ensure everything is fully shielded, you can never go wrong with a storage bag. These stylish, scent-proof bags ensures no light can reach your product and make for easy grab and go.