Supporting small businesses and non-profits during social isolation

During this difficult time, we are seeing temporary closures of small and large businesses alike. This can be very hard for smaller businesses and their employees to fare, so it’s super important now more than ever that we try and support small, local businesses if it is within our means. In doing so, we can help ensure their livelihood and longevity long after the effects of COVID-19 are over.

Just like businesses, non-profits will need support as well. Vulnerable communities will need to lean on non-profits, especially those providing food support during this time. If it’s within your power, we urge you to consider supporting a non-profit that is working to ease the burden of those who will be hit the hardest during the pandemic.

Here are some easy ways you can support local businesses during this time

Businesses will reopen, and when they do, they’ll welcome you with open arms! With many restaurants, you can purchase a gift card online to help them get through these tough times.

Additionally, you can still connect with them online. Share their content, give them a shout-out, engage with their posts, leave a great review or shop online! This helps them know they're appreciated and that their content and offerings resonate with you! Having a caring and engaged following can do a lot for morale, and increasing a businesses' reach.

Many businesses are still offering takeout or delivery options. This is a great way to show some support while maintaining social distancing!

Here are some easy ways to support non-profits or community associations

Donate online

Vulnerable communities will be hit the hardest, and it’s times like these we need to provide support. Non-profits are the crucial link in providing services to those in need and those with reduced access to resources. Most charities accept online donations, so find a cause that's close to you. 

Look into the processes of in-need charities online.

Local food banks, for example, predict they will be swamped in the next weeks as the need to access food services increases. We encourage you to look into different organizations and find a cause that resonates with you! 

The more we can band together (in a digital way) the more we can ensure we all get through this. Take care!