Terpene Tuesday: Limonene

What makes this common terpene so popular? 

It’s time for one of the OGs! A common and ever-popular terpene – limonene is responsible for the bright, fruity strains you love so much. The name gives you an obvious hint of its main flavour profile…lemon! It can also have generic citrus taste, with fruity undertones.

You’ll probably recognize the smell and taste of limonene, as it can be found in various everyday items and flavourings. Limonene is produced by a wide range of plants other than cannabis, including citrus fruits, juniper, lemons, peppermint and rosemary (it is especially abundant in the rind of these fruits).

Limonene can be found in some of these popular strains:

You see a trend. While all of these strains have varying overall tastes, they all carry a bright citrus note, that little punch that makes you smack your lips. The citrusy-floral notes that always have us coming back for more and thinking about sunny beaches.

We also love limonene because of how it interacts with other terpenes. Limonene can aid in the absorption of other terpenes into the system, accentuating the profiles and effects. So, let’s say you have a strain with both myrcene and limonene, you can expect a more pronounced high.

Mood elevation and euphoria are typical effects of cannabis strains high in limonene. While you may be familiar with limonene, here’s our friendly reminder to keep this bright and sunny terpene in your strain mix!