Terpene Tuesday: Linalool

Our ultimate relaxation companion

Lavender is widely renowned for its calming abilities. Add it to your bath, diffuse some in a room, mix it in a lotion… it’s a quick way to your own version of zen and relaxation.

Linalool is naturally found in lavender, so it only makes sense that those calming effects would transfer to your cannabis experience.

Linalool has floral notes akin to, you guessed it—lavender. It also has secondary floral notes and can also be found naturally in over 200 plant species.

Linalool has been noted to promote focus and clarity. This makes it one of our favourite strains for yoga or meditation to really enhance the mind-body connection. Linalool can also be sedative in some cases, so it’s great for winding down after work or before bed.

Some strains with Linalool we love:

If essential oils are a mainstay in your life and you swear by their benefits, Linalool is the terpene for you. Even if you’re not a believer and you just love a good wind-down, Linalool will get you there. What’s your relaxation routine and how can Linalool elevate it to the next level?