Terpene Tuesday: Camphor

What role can Camphor play in your Valentine's Day celebration? 

The look of love? Debatable – but terpenes? That’s backed by science.

With Valentine’s Day coming in hot (get it?) we wanted to talk a little about a rare terpene that can play a role in a stimulating celebration.

Now cannabis consumers already know that cannabis can help ease performance jitters in the bedroom, provide a more stimulating experience and adds a fun new way to play. Cannabis can be incorporated in a variety of different ways in the bedroom.

The role of THC as a euphoric agent or CBD as a calming support can heighten our senses or reduce apprehension leading to a more pleasurable experience, but camphor allows us to dial it in a little further. Camphor actually plays a role in stimulating libido! Some suggest that camphor acts on the part of the brain responsible for controlling desire, though this hasn’t been fully proven. Some studies suggest that because of camphor's ability to increase blood flow, this also plays a role in stimulating mental function, but the correlation is not known in detail.  What is backed by science is the fact that camphor plays a role in calming the body and stimulating blood flow, all of which can lead to a heightened experience. 

When looking for camphor in strains, look for notes of rosemary, which is the terpene's primary scent profile. But be aware, too much can be irritating. While you likely won’t find enough camphor in flower to irritate, when topicals hit the market, this will be important to keep in mind. Where else can you find camphor? Essential oils or in topical rubs such as Vicks Vaporub (Obvious disclaimer: please don’t use this in the bedroom).

Keep your eyes peeled for camphor in your favourite strains! It’s tough to find, but it just might be the key to an exceptional Valentine’s celebration.  

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