Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Don’t get caught empty-handed

With just over a week to go, whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re having a chill night in or a lavish night out, there’s something at FOUR20 to let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them.

A sweet affair: Strains to set the mood

Chocolate Fondue:

A tasty treat. Funky, robust and sweet like chocolate. This Sativa-dominant, high THC strain has a euphoric effect, leaving you ready to take on whatever Valentine’s Day has in store for you.

Liiv Balanced 1:1

This is a perfect addition to your home-cooked Valentine’s day meal. This balanced oil can be easily added to any food to elevate heighten the mood and elevate your celebration. The oil’s earthy undertones lend well to dressings, gravy’s or herb sauces.

Sundial Zen Berry 

This relaxing Indica is perfect for a relaxing night at home. Cozy couch time just got amplified.

*please note, strains are subject to availability. While these are some of our favourites, our in-store staff will help you choose a strain to fit your desired experience!  

The long haul: A lasting love

The Silverstick leather dugout is the perfect all in one pack. Convenient, sleek, and 100% portable. This is the perfect companion for anyone who loves the outdoors or is always on the go.


Diamonds and jewellery are touch cliché. Something that’s beautiful and totally functional? We’ll get on board with that. Geopipes provide a smoking experience that not only feels great in your hand but also looks chic in your home. A combination of high-end modern design and detailed craftsmanship make each GeoPipe one of a kind. Handmade in Oregon.

Glass jar bundle

The gift of product care and longevity. Our bundle is perfect for those who value what they have and aim to nourish and cherish what they love. If that sounds like someone in your life, we have the perfect bundle for you.

Our new Four20 glass jars are now available as part of a bundle deal to keep your products top tier. The glass jars are air-tight and thick-walled glass jars for a perfect storage solution for any level of cannabis enthusiast. When you purchase the glass jar with both a Boveda and a Dewbie, you get 20% off!

The Dewbie is a new product that instantly rehydrates your cannabis. The Dewbie is all natural and made right here in Alberta. In no time at all, your bud will be renewed to its golden age, and with the help of the Boveda, stay at optimal humidity.

Quant Vapourizers

These vapourizers look great, feel great and perform even better. Unique design, top quality vapour and discreet, this is one of our must-haves. Take a break and treat yourself. You deserve it.

You can view all of our accessories and live inventory here. From Four20, we’re wishing you an elevated Valentine’s Day.