Why balanced flower should move up on your list of “must-haves”

What’s the hype about balanced flower?

Lower THC levels but a better high? Do tell.

No, it isn’t strange sorcery. Just science. Balanced strains might just be your new best friend, even if high THC levels are your go-to when choosing a strain.

Cannabinoids act on our bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors. When you’re getting high, you are essentially filling these receptors to elicit a state of euphoria. CBD and THC each act on a different receptor, CB1 and CB2 respectively, which enables them to have a different effect on the bodies systems and on your overall high.

The basics of your buzz

The blood level of THC associated with euphoria is 50 to 100 μg/L that means it takes only a few millionths of a gram in your blood to feel it. Scientific studies have shown that this level is enough to activate a high with the least amount of negative cognitive effects such as confusion and dizziness. Anything above this range puts you at risk. Given the average amount of blood in the average human body, the average person would consume half a gram at 9% THC to reach this concentration and have an optimal high (optimal being the absence of any of THC’s negative effects). Let’s try and put it in perspective, higher doesn’t mean better. Sometimes a lower THC range can actually provide you with a much more pleasant high.

Pushing the bounds of THC will pack the CB1 receptors quickest but have a very minor attraction to the host of other receptors. It’ll take a lot of cannabis to fill up these less attractive receptors.

Why try a balanced strain?

A balanced 1-to-1 can give a great quality high because CBD will not only easily fill these other neglected receptors easily, but it will reduce the side effects of THC. So instead of running on the endless treadmill of highest THC to achieve a high, take another route by adding CBD. This also attributes back to the entourage effect, something we haven’t revisited in a while. The entourage effect is a phenomenon in which trace amounts of cannabinoids will act together to enhance the effects of the dominant cannabinoids. There are dozens of cannabinoids other than THC and CBD that can facilitate this. This is why the addition of CBD, in combination with THC, can have such a great effect on your overall high.

Most people are shocked at how little of a balanced strain they must use to get a desired high and the side effects are greatly reduced.