COVE Rise Single (Pre-Roll)

Make Each Experience a Discovery with COVE. Our honest, uncompromising approach to crafted quality is focused on delivering the best experience possible every time you consume a COVE product. Rise by COVE is a unique indoor grown, terpene rich, sativa strain with frosty orange and green buds that are hand trimmed and hang dried. Each COVE experience offers a new flavour to discover. This strain's fruity, sweet aroma is attributed to its terpene rich profile that includes myrcene and beta caryophyllene. Available in multiple pre roll and dried flower formats. Cannabis is an agricultural product, and as such, cannabinoid content will vary slightly with each lot. Terpenes: Limonene 39%, Linalool 13%, Myrcene 10%
Product Attributes
  • THC Content: 17 - 22%

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