UP Gems Dried Flower (White Shark)

Gems is UP Cannabis' high trichome hybrid sativa-dominant premium flower grown in our Great Emerald Hall hybrid greenhouse in the Niagara region.  Gems is hand-trimmed, hand-sorted and managed throughout the entire growth cycle with the state-of-the-art Dutch Tray System. This hybrid produces impressive buds that are blanketed with white, crystal-capped trichomes along with vibrant orange hairs. This flower exudes a pleasant fruity aroma. Gems is known to re-energize, facilitate relaxation, stimulate creativity and create a sense of happiness and euphoria.

Product Attributes
  • THC Content: 12%
  • CBD Content: 0%
  • Terpenes: Alpha/Beta Pinene (Pine), Caryophyllene (Hoppy), Myrcene (Earthy/Musky)
  • Effect: Energetic
  • Licensed Producer: Newstrike

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