San Rafael '71 Pink Kush Vape Pen

The industry standard vape, the 510 Vape Cartridge is the perfect THC-delivery gadget for the frequent toker. Replaceable and cross compatible, these vapes combine discretion, versatility and a whole lot of possibilities. Each cartridge contains 300 mg (net wt.) of terpene-rich cannabis-derived resin extracted your favourite San Rafael '71 products. Our customized extraction process uses a proprietary method that retains a high quantity and quality of terpenes and contains no fillers or dilutive agents. Enjoy your pot with no smoke, no mess and no problems. Terpenes: Myrcene 60%, Caryophyllene 30%, Limonene 10%
Product Attributes
  • THC Content: 690 - 750 mg/g

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