AHLOT Discovery Series V.1


A multi-LP discovery pack, containing 5 x 1g samples from different licensed producers.   

Rio Bravo by Edison Cannabis Co. is a sativa-dominant strain with mid to high THC content which offers a balance of piney and floral terpene notes, THC 14.0-21.0%, CBD 0.0-1.0%. 

Saturday Afternoon CBD MediHaze by Saturday is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Neville's Haze. It has a rich CBD blend with a low THC, and a citrus and earthy flavour profile with a piney aroma. THC 2.0-7.0%, CBD 2.0-12.99%. 

Solar Power by Symbl is a tart Sour Kush hybrid with high THC and strong flavour profile of sour lemon and fresh pine. A tangy citrus aroma is balanced with hints of earthy wood and sharp diesel. THC 15.0-24.0%, CBD 0.0-1.0%. 

No. 402 Blueberry Kush by Haven St. is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet berry and earthy floral flavour profile. THC: 10.0% - 18.0%, CBD 0.0% - 2.0%. 

Sensi Star by 7ACRES is an indica strain with a robust profile of lemon, pepper and petrol. THC: 18.0-27.0%, CBD 0.0-1.0%.


Product Attributes
  • THC Content: Varied
  • CBD Content: Varied

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