SYMBL Solar Power (Sour Kush) Dried Flower


This true hybrid strain has a tightly packed bud structure with dense, vibrant green flowers covered with amber pistils and sprinkled with frosty trichomes. Terrifically tart and superbly pungent, Sour Kush is known for its powerful flavour profile that hits the nose with a combination of sour, crisp lemon and invigorating pine. The robust, tangy citrus taste is balanced with hints of earthy wood and sharp diesel.

Product Attributes
  • THC Content: 15 -21%
  • CBD Content: 0%
  • Terpenes: Myrcene (Earthy/Musky), Caryophyllene (Hoppy), Limonene (Citrus)
  • Effect: Relaxed
  • Licensed Producer: Emblem

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