Who We Are

FOUR20 Premium Markets (420 PM) is an Alberta-based cannabis retail company focused on approaching cannabis in a socially responsible manner. We work hard to break the stigmas attached to cannabis, and strive to be knowledgeable and approachable, with a focus on expertise and quality.

Our vision is to be always listening, always evolving and always the benchmark. In doing so, we can operate as means of support and a beacon in the community. We continually aim to positively progress the cannabis industry both here in Alberta and nationwide.

420 Premium Markets operates as a subsidiary of 420 Investments Ltd. Our parent company operates three business branches, including 420 PM, 420 Clinic and 420 Advisory Management.

The 420 Clinic operates as a resource for those seeking guidance and resources for medicinal cannabis use, while 420 Advisory Management operates as a resource for individuals, communities and organization looking to navigate legalization.